Head Cushion


Esther recommends using slight head-weight for upper body posture, drawing from ancient carrying methods that naturally engage neck and back muscles. Many students have found this cushion beneficial in various aspects.

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Product Overview

Among the various methods Esther has explored, her preferred approach to assisting individuals with upper body posture involves the utilization of slight head-weight. This technique harks back to our primal and ancient way of carrying objects, effectively engaging the neck and back stabilizing muscles in a semi-automatic manner. Many students have found this cushion to be advantageous in several ways:

  • Discovering the innate alignment of their spine
  • Enhancing the strength of the deep cervical (longus colli) muscles
  • Serving as a gentle reminder to maintain an elevated head position without lifting the chin!


  • Dimensions: 6 1/4'' / 16 cm in diameter
  • Weight: 21 oz. / 600 grams
  • Can be washed by hand
  • Should be hung up to dry


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