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Advanced Wellness Chiropractic has a unique offering! Dr. Vera Baziuk is now a certified Gokhale Method teacher. The Gokhale Method (pronounced Go-Clay) is defined as follows:

“The Gokhale Method is a system of healthy posture and movement to help restore your structural integrity, so you can live an active and pain-free life. You will learn how to comfortably alter the way you stand, sit, and move, to heal from pain and return to a posture that builds strength and resilience, and minimizes compression, tension, and degeneration. We are marvelously designed beings, with an inherent grace and strength like every other creature on the planet. If we respect our natural design, we can function well for close to a century.

The Gokhale Method uses gentle hands-on instruction, reinforced by theory, to return you to your primal posture. Effects are often immediate and last a lifetime.”

– Taken directly from Gokhale Method webpage

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Why Does My Back or Neck Hurt So Much?

If the building blocks of the spine line up on a sound foundation, the muscles running up and down the spine from the pelvis to the head can remain relaxed when sitting, standing, or even walking. There would be no excessive curvature in the lumbar spine or cervical contributing to tension or pain.

When the building blocks of the spine do not line up, the muscles running up and down the spine will need to work harder to support you in a sitting, standing, or walking position. Some muscles begin to work excessively while other muscles weaken pulling the spine and creating extra curves.

With extra curvature, the spaces between the bones begin to wedge. This wedge-shaped space makes the discs prone to excessive wear and tear increasing the risk of disc bulging, protrusion and even herniation. When the discs begin to bulge protrude or herniate, the nerve roots exiting the spine are more likely to become irritated.

If you escape the pain that discs can cause with excessive wear and tear, the bones of the spine themselves rub against one another, increasing the progression and likelihood of early arthritic changes.

Tight muscles, bulging discs, irritated nerves and rubbing bones is certainly painful.

Building blocks that don’t align is a nice way of saying poor posture. Poor and deteriorating posture is the leading cause of chronic and recurrent back pain.

“Full range of neck motion: what a delight when driving & walking. Dr. Vera’s thorough and gentle intake work led to treatments that gave me back this strain-free range of motion, and rid me of tingling fingers. Yay!”

– C. MacLean

What To Expect

Yes. It’s a muscle thing. Good posture can be learned with the certified Gokhale Method teacher. The Gokhale Method is a system of healthy posture positions and movements to help restore your structural integrity, so you can live an active, pain-free life.

In North America, we have lost sight of what constitutes good posture. Humans have a build in mechanism in our subconscious mind to copy and mimic the behaviours of those around us.

Unfortunately, our poor posture habits continually get reinforced as many of us have poor form when sitting, standing, bending, and walking. What makes matters worse is that advice on “good posture”, whether expert advice or colloquial, is often wrong, compounding the problem.

Reluctant to try something? Tried all sorts of different treatments all promising relief with none fully delivering on the promise of ever-lasting relief?
If our bad posture habits are not addressed and worked on in the background of our life, then any treatment intervention will have limited success.
How could any healing intervention work if you continue with bad posture habits while sitting, standing, bending, walking, and even sleeping?!

You must first work on improving posture first and then healing interventions begin to work.

The following is what you will learn in the Gokhale Method Foundations Course:
How to sit. Transform sitting from being painful to therapeutic as you learn to create traction in the back when sitting in a chair with a backrest and stack your spine when sitting without a backrest.

How to stand. Change standing to be a restful position where your weight-bearing bones vertically stack.

How to bend. Wrong bending is not a question of if your back will hurt but when it will hurt as bad bending tremendously increases the pressure on discs.
How to sleep. Transmute sleeping, both back and side sleeping, into hours of gentle traction on the spine.

How to protect spinal tissues such as disc and nerves. Learn to strengthen deep abdominal and deep spine muscles that protect the spine and allow you to lead an active life.

How to walk without pain and keep the weight off delicate foot structures and on the weight bearing bones.

Gokhale Method is learning how to lengthen, strengthen and re-shape your spine. It will give you hope and confidence that aging and living a pain-free life is attainable.

Incorporating the principles into your everyday activities will transform sitting, standing, bending, and walking from being painful to therapeutic.

Our Recommendations

Your posture rehabilitation to live a pain-free life begins with a 45-minute in-person initial consultation.

What Happens in the Initial Visit?

In-depth probe of your chief complaint and overall health history.
Before pictures will be taken of you sitting, standing, and bending to establish how your current posture is contributing to your pain presentation.

Discuss what posture changes are needed to live and pain-free life and how to achieve these changes.

Some take away tools and tips you can begin using right away to start.
Following the initial consultation, the next step is to enroll in the Gokhale Method Foundations Course.

The Gokhale Method Foundations Course consists of six one hour lessons. The lessons focus on lengthening, strengthening, and reshaping the spine then applying the length, strength, and new shape to sitting, standing, bending, walking, and sleeping.

The success of the Gokhale Method is that the techniques learned are meant to be applied in the background of your life. There is no specific time you need to set aside to do your exercises nor is there specialized equipment that is needed to function. The good posture techniques learned spill over to your new sitting, standing, bending, walking, and sleeping postures.

All our daily activities allow ample opportunity for our muscles to strengthen and stretch but this can only happen when there is a good foundation.
Many people experience immediate changes in the pain presentation. People often comment after the first class that it is the longest, they have ever sat without pain. As the lessons continue and techniques learned, the pain-free state is felt for longer and longer.

How much will it cost?

Initial Consultation with Dr. Vera Baziuk = $215.00

Private One-On-One Gokhale Method

Foundations Course with Dr. Vera Baziuk = $1200.00
Group Gokhale Method Foundations Course: $600.00
Group class sizes are limited to eight students.

Private Group Foundations Course = please contact Dr. Vera Baziuk to arrange a Private Group Foundations Course for your friends, family or workplace and fee schedule for number of students enrolled in the course.

1-hr Alumni Class: $65
4-hour Alumni Class: $185
Must complete Gokhale Method Foundations Course to be eligible to enroll in Alumni Classes.

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