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Our body is designed to regulate and heal itself. The question chiropractors are interested in answering is “Why is your body not healing itself properly?”

At Advanced Wellness Chiropractic, we offer gentle, instrument-based chiropractic care to help your body heal. Your needs are determined through a comprehensive evaluation process. In addition to chiropractic, we provide several supplementary solutions to benefit you.

Posture Clinic

Most pain can be attributed to how we hold ourselves and how we move. However, 90% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives.

Advanced Wellness Chiropractic has a unique offering! Dr. Vera Baziuk is now a certified Gokhale Method teacher. The Gokhale Method uses gentle hands-on instruction, reinforced by theory, to return you to your primal posture. Effects are often immediate and last a lifetime. Book today!

Workplace Wellness

Investing in employees’ health and wellbeing can help your corporation become sustainable with strong, happy, healthy work force.

Advanced Wellness Chiropractic offers onsite Workplace Wellness Solutions for businesses and corporations.
Our Workplace Wellness Solutions improve employee health and productivity while simultaneously improving organizations’ wellness culture and profitability.

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If you are experiencing pain in
your back, neck, muscles or joints
chropractic treatments can help!

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Where there is pain, there is inflammation. It is your body’s response to injury, and an anti inflammatory diet can help!

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Posture Clinic

Good posture helps your spine and muscles line up,‎‎‏‏‎‏‏‎ minimizing pain as you walk, sit and stand!

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We accept speaking engagements as well as hold regular talks in our office on various health subjects!

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Workplace Wellness

We believe that happy, healthy employees are more productive. Learn about our workplace wellness services!

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Products to help you

In order to support our clients in their healthy lifestyle, we offer a variety of health products to help!

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What might you be capable of achieving if you had:
– No physical pain
– Better sleep
– Increased confidence with aging

Discover Your Potential at
Advanced Wellness Chiropractic

At Advanced Wellness Chiropractic, we seek to empower our patients.

We provide our patients with helpful tools, techniques, knowledge, and ongoing care to help them live a healthier and pain-free life.

Dr. Vera Baziuk believes that when the bones align, the spine will feel fine. Better posture and reduce inflammation are the two best ways to live a life free from back pain.

When the muscles are no longer tensing and pulling the spine in less-than-optimal directions, pain from the back and neck dissipates/disappears.

Ingredients needed to obtain a pain-free, aligned spine are regular chiropractic care, posture modification and good, anti-inflammatory nutrition.

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We are focused on your health

At Advanced Wellness Chiropractic, Dr. Vera Baziuk will help you reach your goals with chiropractic care, posture improvement and anti-inflammatory nutrition.

Pain arising from the spine almost always is influenced by posture and movement.

Ready to start feeling better? Click below to book your initial consultation.

Get The Support You Need

Dr. Vera is caring, approachable and takes all the time necessary to listen carefully to you and understand the nature of your concerns. You’ll receive simple explanations and solutions to your problems, with a choice of care options presented to you.

Because people have different comfort levels, Dr. Vera provides different chiropractic treatment options. If manual adjustive therapy is contraindicated or if there are fears surrounding manual therapy, Dr. Vera provides treatment options that allows a person to begin healing with instrument-tool based adjustments, avoiding a traditional, chiropractic adjustment.

Dr. Vera Baziuk can use the Integrator and the Activator. These are gentle, instrument-based methods that’s appropriate for all ages and health conditions.

Her unique approach will continue working after your visit, ensuring that you feel the difference these adjustments are making in your well-being.

“I love having the ability to help people traverse through their physical, mental and emotional challenges. Chiropractic is an incredible tool that can improve your life.” (Dr. Vera Baziuk)

Embrace Healthier Living

When you become a patient at our office, Dr. Vera offers you the added benefit of her extra expertise with posture modification and nutritional recommendation.

She is a certified Gokhale Method teacher and teaches the Gokhale Method. This is a comprehensive approach to teach students how to sit, stand, bend, walk and sleep with better posture to heal the spine.

She is also a certified Zone® Health Coach and follows The Zone Diet created and recommended by Dr. Barry Sears. By following an anti-inflammatory diet, levels of cellular inflammation decrease which helps patients not only feel less pain but put them on a path of wellness.

With expertise on a variety of subjects, Chiropractor Edmonton Dr. Vera welcomes the opportunity for speaking engagements for office workers and members of our community in the areas of her knowledge and skill.

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