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About Workplace Wellness

Investing in employees’ health and wellbeing can help your corporation become sustainable with strong, happy, healthy work force.
Advanced Wellness Chiropractic offers onsite Workplace Wellness Solutions for businesses and corporations.

Our Workplace Wellness Solutions improve employee health and productivity while simultaneously improving organizations’ wellness culture and profitability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help all organizations and their employees live happier, healthier, pain-free lives by providing onsite pain-relief. Care with us is always quick and effective, aiming to naturally reduce the perception of pain and stop an unproductive day in its tracks.

Providing Workplace Wellness Solutions creates a healthier work environment, enhancing company wellness culture, productivity and profitability.
Become an industry leader in providing your employees the care they need in real-time with us.

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Common Workplace Complaints

We’ve all been there—you’re sitting at your computer and a headache sets in. For others, it may be low back pain caused by an uncomfortable chair. More so, wrist, shoulder or neck issues commonly affect desk workers.
Whatever the issue, an immediate decline in productivity and wellness sets in. A worker might need to take a long break, slow their pace, or even leave for the day.
That’s where we come in.

With our onsite setup, your employee can visit us in this very moment, before anything gets worse. They can address the problem and return to work feeling better than ever. We’ll handle billing for your workers, email them receipts, and set up future appointments all without hassle and no cost to you.
What’s more, is that we can offer you and your employees long-term solutions to their aches and pains by addressing their overall posture, zeroing in on their sitting computer posture.

“Full range of neck motion: what a delight when driving & walking. Dr. Vera’s thorough and gentle intake work led to treatments that gave me back this strain-free range of motion, and rid me of tingling fingers. Yay!”

– C. MacLean

We can offer your company an onsite Gokhale Method Foundation Course to your employees.

In these lessons, your employees will learn to sit with a healthy posture with a backrest and without a back rest, changing sitting from something that was harming them to something therapeutic and more importantly, pain-free.

All we need to teach these lessons is a room that can accommodate eight people. We’ll handle the rest!

And if that isn’t enough, we can offer your employees access to our nutritional program.

We have a 28-day meal plan for your employees to follow. What to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks is all clearly outlined and ready to be followed. For employees wishing to embark on the 28-day nutrition plan, we recommend that they first check their levels of cellular inflammation with a simple test kit. The results will reveal the current level of inflammation. We will help your employees understand what that number means to their perceptions of pain and overall health and what steps to take to return the value to the wellness range.

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We’d love to meet you and discuss how we can work together to improve the health of your company, naturally. Learn more today by scheduling a visit with Dr. Vera.

Workplace Wellness Services

Advanced Wellness Chiropractic recognizes that employee dissatisfaction leads to stress. That’s where the chain reaction begins.

Stress then leads to illness and back related injuries and conditions. Illnesses and conditions lead to increased absenteeism and decreased presenteeism.

Absenteeism and presenteeism affects corporates bottom line.

How We Help

Onsite Advanced Wellness Chiropractic can improve employees’ quality of life by helping to relieve the pain right where they are at the workplace.

Other key components we’re proud to offer alongside care include:


We offer the Gokhale Method to teach your employees how to lengthen, strengthen and re-shape the spine and then apply the new length, strength and shape to sitting, standing, and bending.

These postures classes are the key that will help them combat pain before it ever begins in future.


Advanced Wellness Chiropractic has created monthly lunch and learns.
These monthly lunch and learns will be available to your organization for the duration of our stay with your organization.

These lunch and learns cover topics that include spinal health and joint health but also topics that extend beyond chiropractic like mental health concerns, heart health, and smoking cessation. Other experts will be invited on such topics will be invited to speak regarding the field of expertise.

Nutritional Support

With so much information on nutrition, it is easy to get quickly overwhelmed with information overload. Advanced Wellness Chiropractic advocates following an Anti-Inflammatory Diet. Research continues to demonstrate that inflammation is at the root cause of many diseases of aging. To have the best chance to stay well, it is wise to eat food that decreases the level of cellular inflammation.

We have a 28-day meal plan that tells you exactly what and how much to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. By following this meal plan, not only will your employees feel more energetic and clear-headed, but the will also likely shed a few excess weight.


With the Gokhale Method teachings, we can set up your employees’ work chair to transform sitting into something that is pain-free and therapeutic.
We recommend a specific back supports and cushions to help create traction on the spine while sitting with a back rest and proper pelvic position when sitting without a back rest.

We also have specific Gokhale Method office desk work chairs. These chairs will provide the maximum benefit for your employees as they can sit comfortably with a back rest or stack sit on the built in wedge without the back rest. Both sitting postures will be taught in the Gokhale Method Foundation Course.

Biometric Screening

Advanced Wellness Chiropractic has a unique biometric screening offering. We have a simple test kit that can measure your employees’ level of cellular inflammation.
This simple finger-stick blood test determines if employees have the proper balance of fatty acids for optimum health.

Based on research, the results of this blood test ratio of these two fatty acids should fall in the range of 1.5-3.0 to be considered well.

The average North American has a value of over 19 and the average North American is not well, expressing symptoms of a chronic disease of aging.

Knowing this value can help employees take active steps to reverse the upward inflammatory levels back to a value that is considered well. The best part is that, we know how to put your employees on a path back to wellness!

Learn More Today

Advanced Wellness Chiropractic believes in a proactive and complete approach to employee care and well-being. We invite you to connect with us today and learn more about how we can help your team live and function at their best! Get started here.

Workplace Wellness Services

Dr. Vera welcomes the opportunity to speak at organizations and corporations in and around our community. Regular talks are also held in our office, on topics such as

Introduction to Gokhale Method: Remembering When It Didn’t Hurt

-Proper Sitting Posture
-The Zone Diet®

If you have additional questions, we have the answers. Contact our Edmonton office today, and we’d be happy to discuss any questions you might have.


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