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The Gokhale Roller enhances upper back posture through back rolling. Made with an ABS core and a non-slip PU foam surface, it ensures durability and stability. Its molded-over edges and one-foot width make it a versatile and reliable tool for posture improvement.

Product Overview

Experience the benefits of an uplifted and graceful upper back through the practice of back rolling! Introducing our innovative Gokhale Roller designed to facilitate this process. Crafted with an ABS core, it strikes the perfect balance between sturdiness and lightness. The molded PU foam surface offers a soft yet secure texture, preventing any unwanted slipperiness. Thanks to the molded-over edges, you can bid farewell to concerns about the core shifting out of place. With a generous one-foot width and a sleek, unembellished exterior, this roller stands as a versatile tool.

For those seeking an extra level of intensity, our Extra-Firm variant is tailored to individuals with tightly wound muscles and a robust physique. The added pressure provided by this variant aids in the relaxation of bulky muscles, paving the way for an elegantly upright upper back.

Key Specifications

  • Gokhale™ Roller dimensions: 13" in length, 6" in diameter
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs (765 g)
  • Explore further details about our exceptional back roller in our supplementary resources.


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