Cellular Inflammation Test Kit


Optimal cellular inflammation balance is vital for health, with extremes causing bodily harm or weakening defenses. Cellular inflammation, undetectable by pain, disrupts hormonal communication, promoting weight gain and disease. Its level can be measured by the AA and EPA fatty acid ratio in the blood.

What is Cellular Inflammation?

Maintaining an optimal level of cellular inflammation is crucial for overall well-being. Excessive inflammation can lead to self-directed attacks within the body, while insufficient inflammation response weakens defense against microbial invaders. Achieving a balanced state of cellular inflammation is imperative. Elevated cellular inflammation lies at the root of weight gain, chronic illness development, and accelerated aging.

Understanding Cellular Inflammation

Cellular inflammation operates subtly beneath the threshold of pain perception. Its effects disrupt cellular-level hormonal communication, leading to heightened fat accumulation, hastened chronic disease progression, and diminished physical performance. While you can't perceive cellular inflammation, you can measure it. The sole method to gauge cellular inflammation is by assessing the ratio of two vital fatty acids (AA and EPA) in your bloodstream.

Decoding the AA/EPA Ratio

The AA/EPA ratio serves as an indicator of your body's cellular inflammation levels. Elevated cellular inflammation doesn't necessarily signify a disease state, but it does reflect less-than-optimal well-being. Your future state of wellness can be predicted based on your blood's cellular inflammation levels, as detailed below.

AA/EPA Ranges Cellular Inflammation Future state of wellness
1.5 to 3 Low Excellent
3 to 6 Moderate Good
7 to 15 Elevated Moderate
> than 15 High Poor

Higher cellular inflammation levels correlate with an increased likelihood of accelerated chronic disease development. An Italian study recently demonstrated that patients with chronic illnesses consistently exhibit AA/EPA ratios greater than 15.


This straightforward finger-stick blood test gauges the presence of two critical fatty acids in your blood: Arachidonic Acid (AA), an omega-6 fatty acid, and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), an omega-3 fatty acid.

While the average American typically scores around 20 on this test, Dr. Barry Sears recommends maintaining a score between 1.5 and 3 for optimal well-being. Don't rely on guesswork to assess your cellular inflammation. Embrace a painless fingertip blood test as the only accurate way to determine high cellular inflammation levels.

Suggested Usage

How it Operates:

  1. COLLECT SAMPLE - Adhere to the step-by-step instructions to gather your sample.
  2. MAIL SAMPLE - Secure your sample in the provided return envelope and send it through mail.
  3. GET RESULTS - In 2-3 weeks, receive personalized results via email.
  4. MODIFY DIET - Review your results and adjust your diet based on the recommendations.

Follow the dietary recommendations in your results to make the necessary modifications.

Note: This test is accessible within the U.S. and internationally. However, regulations in New York state restrict the distribution of blood testing kits from Zone Labs, rendering us unable to process Internet orders from New York customers at this time. Due to medical product safety standards, the Zone Labs Cellular Inflammation Test Kit falls outside our 30-day return policy.


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