ZoneRx Shake – Vanilla


ZoneRx Shakes are a premier meal replacement designed for lasting fullness and gut health, boasting polyphenols, prebiotics, and a balanced protein-to-carb ratio. Enjoy the classic vanilla flavor, enriched with MaquiRx and CacaoRx, providing comprehensive nutrition reminiscent of a balanced meal.

What are ZoneRx Shakes?

ZoneRx Shakes stand as the ultimate meal replacement, carefully crafted to offer balanced nutrition that sustains satiety. Each shake is meticulously designed to maximize fullness and enhance gut health, incorporating substantial levels of polyphenols, prebiotics, and an ideal protein-to-low-glycemic carbohydrate ratio.

Indulge in the nostalgia of vanilla-flavored shakes, relishing their mild sweetness and authentic milkshake thickness without the accompanying guilt. These shakes are anything but ordinary, featuring the infusion of maqui berry extract and our exclusive cocoa extract, CacaoRx. With their precise equilibrium of protein, carbohydrates, and micronutrients, they deliver a complete spectrum of nutrition, capturing the essence of balanced and satisfying meals.

Our convenient 10-serving canister allows you to sample the flavor and effortlessly integrate it with our other two options for a month of diverse choices. Experience mornings like never before!


What Sets Each ZoneRx Shake Apart?

  • MaquiRx® and CacaoRx™—Our proprietary polyphenol extracts provide 250 milligrams of polyphenols, potentially activating genes that combat oxidative stress, inflammation, and the aging process*.
  • Fortified with Prebiotics—Experience superior appetite management and bolstered gut health.
  • 16 Grams of Protein—Balanced alongside low-glycemic carbohydrates to foster stable blood sugar control.
  • 23 Vitamins and Minerals—A comprehensive meal replacement without the need for additional supplements.
  • No Added Sugar—Newly reformulated with allulose, a natural low-calorie sweetener that contributes to better blood sugar regulation compared to fructose.

ZoneRx Shakes employ Controlled Release Nutrition to curtail hunger and promote satiety, affording four to five hours of appetite suppression. The harmonious interplay of protein and low-glycemic carbohydrates regulates gut, brain, and blood hormones. Rooted in the Zone Diet foundation, this balance is further enriched by prebiotics and polyphenols*.

For those seeking optimal wellness, a lifelong strategy is essential, complemented by results-driven products that offer tangible benefits. The ZoneRx shakes form a pivotal part of this dietary approach. We refer to it as Evidence-based Wellness®.

Suggested Usage

Serving Recommendations: To amplify the gut health response, we recommend blending 1 scoop of ZoneRx Shake mix with 10 ounces of 2% lactose-free milk instead of water. Add 1 Zone block of berries (around 1 cup) for an even more robust effect. Lactose-free milk contains complex sugars not present in plant sources, bolstering the gut health response by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. This maintains the essential balance of protein and low-glycemic carbohydrates necessary for optimal Controlled Release Nutrition.

The absence of lactose in the product eliminates digestive concerns for individuals with even slight lactose intolerance. Incorporating berries enhances ZoneRx Shakes' glycemic control and gut health advantages, thanks to their polyphenols and fiber content.


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