SeaHealth Plus


SeaHealth Plus is a natural liquid supplement combining fruits, sea vegetables, and Aloe Vera with a black cherry flavor, offering the antioxidant power of five servings of fruits and vegetables.

What is SeaHealth Plus?

SeaHealth Plus presents an exclusive, all-natural liquid polyphenol supplement. This unique fusion encompasses an array of fruits, sea vegetables (such as bladderwrack, green sea lettuce, Irish moss, ribbon kelp, wild blueberry, strawberry, raspberry), trace minerals, and IASC certified Aloe Vera.

SeaHealth Plus stands as a cold-processed, 100% natural supplement of remarkable quality, distinguished by its delightful natural black cherry flavor. With an antioxidant potency equivalent to that of consuming five servings of real fruits and vegetables, this supplement offers an uncomplicated and cost-effective approach to fulfilling your daily requirements. Our commitment to employing the purest form of polyphenols ensures that you receive the utmost potent antioxidants and benefits.

Advantages of SeaHealth Plus

A concentrated and wide-ranging blend comprising 10 antioxidant-rich fruits, 74 trace minerals extracted from freshly harvested sea vegetables, and IASC certified Aloe Vera, all working in harmony to regulate inflammation. The supplement's antioxidant potency mirrors that of consuming five servings of fruits and vegetables, serving as an efficient means to meet daily nutritional needs.

  • Equivalent antioxidants to that of consuming five servings of fruits and vegetables, addressing daily nutritional requirements.
  • Encompasses a proprietary fusion of fruit extracts and concentrated powders meticulously chosen for their anti-inflammatory attributes.
  • Each serving delivers 80mg of polyphenols.
  • Liquid formulation maximizes bioavailability.
  • Presents naturally occurring electrolytes.
  • Synergizes effectively when taken alongside liquid OmegaRx 2.

Recommended Usage

Suggested Application: For adults, consume 1 fluid ounce (equivalent to 2 tablespoons) or 1 capful daily before or 15-30 minutes after a meal. Each bottle accommodates 32 servings.


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