CacaoRx Plus combines the potent benefits of cocoa and maqui extracts, offering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects while also promoting enhanced blood circulation, cognition, and metabolism. This blend builds upon the scientifically validated advantages of cocoa extracts and broadens its potential with the integration of MaquiRx.

What is CacaoRx?

CacaoRx Plus stands as a cocoa polyphenol extract of utmost purity and potency, paired with refined maqui extract. This ingenious combination harmonizes two extensively researched polyphenols into a single supplement, harnessing the prowess of our exclusive polyphenol extracts: CacaoRx and MaquiRx.

Scientific validation underscores the potential of cocoa extracts in diminishing insulin resistance, enhancing blood circulation, augmenting cognitive function, and mitigating inflammation due to their potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory attributes*. The integration of MaquiRx into CacaoRx imparts a broader spectrum of advantages, extending the potential of CacaoRx Plus to provide reinforcement for increased energy generation and heightened metabolic activity.

CacaoRx Plus Advantages

Crafted by Dr. Sears, CacaoRx was meticulously formulated to reduce the presence of heavy metals, like cadmium, which are often found in cocoa products. This innovation empowers individuals to experience the virtues of cocoa with the untainted purity and potency characteristic of Dr. Sears' offerings.

  • Each capsule supplies 150 milligrams of total polyphenols.
  • Enhances the facilitation of healthy blood sugar levels by mitigating insulin resistance*.
  • Fosters healthy blood flow by promoting the dilation of blood vessels throughout the body, subsequently contributing to improved mental and physical performance*.
  • Nurtures a well-functioning gut environment by boosting the levels of beneficial bacteria*.
  • Promotes the activation of AMPK, an enzyme pivotal in maintaining energy equilibrium and metabolism*.
  • Relative to CacaoRx, CacaoRx Plus boasts three times the amount of absorbable polyphenols due to the inclusion of MaquiRx.
  • Formulated in vegetarian capsules.
  • Crafted from non-GMO ingredients.

Recommended Usage

Suggested Application: Optimize absorption by taking one (1) capsule daily with a meal. Each bottle provides 30 servings.


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