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The Gokhale™ Pain-Free Chair transforms sitting into a therapeutic experience through stretchsitting and stacksitting techniques, challenging the notion that sitting is inherently discomforting.

Product Overview

Introducing the Gokhale™ Pain-Free Chair, a testament to the belief that sitting can be a natural and healthful endeavor. Our chair embodies this philosophy by enabling two transformative techniques—stretchsitting and stacksitting—which turn sitting into a soothing, reparative experience rather than a source of discomfort.

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Highlighted Features

  1. Stretchsit® Nubs: Soft rubbery nubs are ingeniously incorporated into the backrest to gently elongate your back. By aligning your spine with these nubs, you alleviate pressure on your spinal nerves and discs. This facilitates disc rehydration and nutrient absorption from the surrounding tissues for self-repair.
  2. Waterfall Front with Non-Slip Patches: The forward-inclined design of the front half of the seat, coupled with rubberized patches, facilitates stacksitting without slipping. This encourages a gentle forward tilt of your pelvis, effortless vertebral stacking, and complete relaxation of back muscles. As you breathe, your spine receives a soothing massage, while increased circulation revitalizes your back.

Craftsmanship and Excellence in Materials:

  • Made in Canada
  • Employing high-quality, eco-friendly fabric (sourced from the USA)
  • Equipped with top-tier hydraulic lift and wheels available on the market
  • Comprehensive 10-year limited warranty encompassing parts
  • Additional two-year warranty for fabric
  • Maximum load capacity: 250 lbs

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Foot Ring: Positioned slightly above the wheels, this 18'' diameter foot ring provides a footrest without compromising chair mobility.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions:
    • Back Height: Approximately 10"
    • Back Width: Approximately 16"
    • Seat Width: Approximately 21.5"
    • Seat Depth: Approximately 16.5"
  • Chair Weight: 25.5 lbs

Gas Lift Sizes:

  • Standard: Seat Height ~17" - ~22", Total Height ~33" - ~38"
  • Small: Seat Height ~15” - ~18”, Total Height ~31" - ~34"
  • Tall: Seat Height ~19.5” - ~27.5”, Total Height ~35.5" - ~43.5"

Choosing the Right Size

Selecting the appropriate gas lift size is pivotal in maintaining ideal posture. To determine your correct size, measure from the top of your seat to the floor, ensuring your arms are comfortably positioned at your work surface. A suitable gas lift accommodates this measurement, providing flexibility.

Remember, optimal arm height contributes to effective posture at your desk or table. Align your arms to form a right angle at the elbow while resting on the work surface. Additionally, ensure your chair and work surface are adjusted to eliminate the need for reaching or leaning forward.

The Gokhale Method Chair's pronged feet offer a comfortable footrest option, aiding the transition from stacksitting to stretchsitting and accommodating different leg lengths.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Regular or Petite Gokhale Pain-Free Chair

When ordering your Gokhale Pain-Free Chair, it's important to take the following factors into account:

  1. Height:
  • For individuals with a regular body type standing above 5 feet, the Standard Chair is a suitable choice.
  • If your height is under 5 feet, the Petite Chair is a suitable option.
  • Individuals with a regular body type exceeding 6 feet can opt for the Standard Chair with the Tall Gas Lift.
  1. Stature:
  • Note that the connection between the backrest and the seat pan is shorter in the Petite Chair compared to the Standard Chair.
  • Those with a smaller stature, including shorter legs and waist/torso proportions, may find the Petite Chair better suited.
  • Those with larger or wider legs can find comfortable seating in the Standard Chair, which offers a wider seat pan than the Petite Chair.
  1. Ergonomics of Arm Placement:
  • Ensuring your arms are at the correct height in relation to your work surface is pivotal for maintaining proper posture.
  • If you have a higher desk, selecting either the standard or tall lift is essential, depending on your desired height.
  • Refer to the height measurements for the available gas lift options.
  • If you opt for a tall lift and have shorter legs, considering a foot ring addition can provide a resting place for your feet, preventing them from dangling.
  1. Preferred Sitting Position:
  • Your comfortable sitting posture plays a role in chair selection.
  • Those who prefer sitting cross-legged, akin to yoga style, may find the wider seat pan of the Standard Chair appealing.
  • Individuals who often sit with one leg atop the other should measure the height from the bottom of the desk and leg room to estimate the required Gas Lift height.

Determining Gas Lift Size

  • A practical method for selecting the right gas lift size involves finding a seat at the ideal height for you and measuring from the seat's top to the floor.
  • Experiment with incremental seat height adjustments using books or magazines.

By thoughtfully considering these factors, you can make an informed choice between the Regular and Petite Gokhale Pain-Free Chairs, ensuring a comfortable and supportive sitting experience.


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